successfully managing stress anxiety worry

How to Deal With a Head Full of Worry

It sure would be nice just to flick a switch and turn this off sometimes. Finally take some of that time out, that people tell me I need, and actually let myself relax. Feel the knot of anxiety in my stomach loosen a little. Do I mean turning off my husband’s PTSD? Clearly that’s not an option. And […]

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how triggers can cause a relapse of PTSD

The Day His PTSD Once Again Broke Free

A letter arrived last week. Official ambulance correspondence. Addressed to my husband, but in my role of anticipating triggers, this was mine to open. From that crisp envelope, I pulled out a commendation letter for my husband. Commendation letters are those sent to unknown paramedics from grateful patients or their family. Heartfelt words expressing their deepest gratitude to the paramedics who […]

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the ongoing ripple effects of trauma and PTSD

Forever Crying Over the Ripples of Trauma

I was alone in the car. I made sure of that before I let the tears flow. Moments like these catch me off-guard, my reaction cannot be predicted. It was an ordinary day, a completely normal Monday, and I’d just driven past the scene of a car accident. It’s always unexpected, really. A siren wails in […]

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standing up to the demon of PTSD

Dear PTSD, This is My Promise to You

Dear PTSD, You have controlled my husband for five years now, and I’m writing to tell you that it’s time to let him go. We need him back. Unshackle him. He is no longer your prisoner. Day after day, year after year, you have mercilessly put him through every test possible. You have relentlessly forced him to jump […]

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how PTSD can overshadow an entire family and children

Bracing Our Children for a Lifetime of PTSD

It has been almost five years since my husband was diagnosed with PTSD. In a lot of ways, it feels like a lifetime. For our children, it has literally been their lifetime. What do they remember? I knew my husband for nine years before his official diagnosis. However I really only knew my husband for five years […]

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the butterfly effect of waiting a few minutes

We Waited Just 3 Minutes and it Changed Our Whole Day with PTSD

In our house, on a school morning, we get up at precisely 7:03am. We had previously trialled a more sensibly rounded time of 7:00am for a little while, but after some early problems, I decided to reassess our schedule. Confused? Let me explain… PTSD brings with it a myriad of wonderfully crippling symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, insomnia, nightmares, intrusions […]

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using laughter happiness as the best medicine in mental health illness

Why Laughter Should be the First Medicine

You would assume, and rightly too, that, as a pharmacist, I am well positioned to understand the various medications and treatments that can assist with managing PTSD. And as wife to a man with complex PTSD, you can appreciate that it can be hard at times to keep from exchanging my wife hat for my […]

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you need to stop hiding behind a happy mask when someone asks if you are okay

Why We Should All Stop Hiding Behind Our Happy Masks

I read a post on Facebook the other day that really stopped me. In the middle of the lounge room, surrounded by the pandemonium otherwise known as my three young children, a lump swelled up in my throat and my eyes instantly prickled with tears. It was my 2 year old that noticed my face first. “Are or-right, […]

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reasons to stay in a difficult marriage with mental illness PTSD

The Three Reasons Why I Choose to Stay Alongside PTSD

There are three reasons why I stay. And by stay, I mean in this family, in this marriage. Because, let’s face it, even though we know the grass is never greener on the other side, when your grass starts growing serious prickles then maybe any colour grass might be better. So, to be completely honest, […]

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needing solitude time alone when PTSD is triggered

Where Has PTSD Taken You?

Where are you? The bed is empty again. I didn’t hear you get up. It’s so black, it could be any time of the night. It could be any night. I’ll try not to look at the clock, and I’ll try not to think the worst. I hope you’re okay. Where are you? It’s now been ten hours since you […]

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the aftermath of PTSD nightmares

You Never Wake from the Nightmare when PTSD Haunts You

It happened again last night. Sometime before 5am, in the serene lull of predawn, I was woken by yet another nightmare. Next to me, the bed felt empty, but this time he was still there. Sitting on the edge of the bed, engrossed in the glaringly bright screen of his phone, desperately trying to force the horrendous […]

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seeking professional support when your spouse has a mental illness

Seeking Professional Support for the Supporter

I saw my psychologist today. Isn’t it funny that my husband is the one with clinically diagnosed PTSD and yet I’m the one getting therapy? No. It isn’t funny. I’ve cried enough private tears over the past five years to know that there is absolutely nothing funny with any of this. I’ve only seen this psychologist […]

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How We View Perfection Between the Generations

Water still dripping from her fringe, she steps out of the shower, the hot water having done its best to wash the fatigue of last night from her weary body. A fogged mirror greets her, a pleasantly blurred world that’s often preferable to the truth. It doesn’t rudely declare the raging whitehead on her chin from an age that […]

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