creating quiet still and calm for people with PTSD anxiety

The Sweet Sound of Silence for Those with PTSD

You might be at the hospital, deep inside its maze of doorways and corridors, sitting in a small windowless room, bribing your unslept and cranky toddler to keep quiet with a crusty red jellybean found swimming around the bottom of your bag, totally missing the irony of trying your best to listen to the audiologist tell you about […]

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hoping for a better outcome recovery of PTSD mental illness depression

This Wife is Still Waiting in the Wings Behind His PTSD

How long can you hold your breath? I’ve been holding mine for ten days now, and counting. It’s gripping my stomach, it’s gripping my mind. But I can’t let it out. Not just yet. I’ve had many confronting conversations with my husband over the years since PTSD joined our fold. And the fact that we’re usually […]

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trying to mend the damage hurt cause by PTSD mental illness

Trying to Heal the Damage that PTSD Causes

A pack of cards. So simple, so unassuming. Build a house of cards, and the merest breath can bring it tumbling down. You’d be right in thinking they hold little power. Yet played the right way, a deck of cards can build a bridge that may help lift a marriage. 8:00pm. Kids all asleep. Kitchen cleaned […]

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how PTSD and mental illness can damage a relationship marriage

Accepting How PTSD Can Cripple a Relationship

I used to be a very private person. I used to hide it all away. I didn’t know what else to do when things weren’t quite right, when things weren’t working. I truly believed that keeping it all inside was a sign of strength. I was strong. I could keep it quiet and not let […]

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