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How a School Teacher’s Wedding Became a Beautiful Lesson

On a gusty Friday afternoon, with our umbrellas in hand, my 8-year-old daughter and I braved unseasonal heavy downpours to attend a very special wedding. I remember, as an 8-year-old girl, being enthralled by everything to do with weddings. The flowers, the romance, the fairytales, and especially the bridal dresses. My daughter is just as fascinated with weddings, and was […]

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how to cope manage a relationship marriage when your partner has a mental illness PTSD

Where Does the Mental Illness End and the Marriage Begin?

Don’t listen to the songs. Don’t hold on to the stories. Don’t watch the movies, and don’t believe the fairytales. Because in the real world, nobody gets a happily ever after. The real world is full of real people, and real people are never perfect. Marriage is never perfect. Yet so many of us continue to idolise a happily […]

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worrying about and caring for a sick child toddler baby croup

The Night Our Sick Child Triggered the PTSD Beast

It likes to visit in the early hours after midnight, cutting through the hush of night so abruptly, so intensely, it will not be ignored for a second. But ignoring it never crosses our minds when we wake suddenly to the cries of his distress. With three children, it’s far from the first time we’ve […]

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