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The Night Our Kids Discovered That We’re Awesome

At a time that is usually bristling with stress and anger, is there anything better than an impromptu moment of hilarity with your children?

Dinner time. And a special treat for dessert that night – a few tasty sweets each.

Predictably, our three kids each selected and devoured their sweet quotas in an instant.

Their father, sitting at one end of our very long dining table, then casually asked me for his first sweet from where I sat with the jar, at the other end of our very long dining table.

Noticing the gleam in his eye, I took my time selecting his sweet, while three drooling kids looked on in hopeful anticipation. Might Dad offer his sweet up if they sit there a bit longer, looking doleful?

With a sweet now in hand, I stood up at my place, giving my husband the briefest second to catch on to my plan. And then, with a slick underhand lob, I neatly launched the sweet up and across to the far end of the table.

The stunned audience, all mouths agape, followed the sweet as it trailed smoothly through the silence. And in a moment of pure perfection, and with all the nonchalance of a talented master, my husband deftly caught the sweet in his open mouth.

Our crowd looked on in stunned awe. “Oh my GOSH, how did you DO that!?”

“Well, my children, would you believe that your father and I have been practising and perfecting that trick for ten long years, all in preparation for this one single moment here tonight? We are so, so pleased that you are suitably impressed.”

Sadly, their father didn’t get his remaining sweets. Given that our show was, in all honesty, an utterly amazing fluke, we had no choice but to finish on a high and make sure our kids went to bed totally convinced that we are, in fact, totally awesome!



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  1. Thanks for posting about normal family moments! Often, I find myself clinging to the memory of these “highs” to battle through the low episodes. Thank you so much for your blog and the comfort it provides to your fellow PTSD fighters.

    • Thanks, Amanda. It’s not always about the lows, even though they’re the times when we need to reach out the most. We need to celebrate the highs as well!

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