PTSD Hospital Treatment: The Family in the Wings (week 4)

Since my husband was admitted to the PTSD psychiatric ward, it took him a week to firstly move out of the headspace that was clogged with the stress of our battle against his employer’s insurance company. It then took him another week to settle into the routine of living in a hospital ward, surrounded by […]

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PTSD Hospital Treatment: The Family in the Wings (week 3)

It hasn’t just been weeks, or even months. For years I have been trying to do it all, to keep up normal, and not let anything lapse. But, not surprisingly, living like this is not sustainable, even with support. With fresh clarity, this week has been about gradually finding a new way to be. Finding […]

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PTSD Hospital Treatment: The Family in the Wings (week 2)

MONDAY 21 AUGUST I have written too many emails and made countless phone calls over the past months, all in an urgent attempt to get my husband the care he needs and the support he is entitled to. The pressure has only been increasing, the desperation growing. But I had no real idea of where […]

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symptoms of PTSD affects of PTSD at night nightmares disassociation avoidance

Living Through the Darkest Nights Alongside PTSD

The days might be long, or perhaps they’re not quite long enough. Sometimes dark and gloomy, and I walk robotically through the steps until I find tomorrow. Sometimes sunny and bright, and I wrap my hands around the possibilities like a hot cup of tea. Sometimes filled with too many jobs and running on too […]

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PTSD systems fail insurance companies no support no help

PTSD: When the System Fails, Who Protects the Protectors?

There are five medical professionals who agree with me; my husband is amidst a severe relapse of his PTSD, and he needs intervention as soon as possible. In the space of a few days, his regular GP, a secondary GP, his regular psychologist, the ward intake clinician, and the ward’s psychiatrist have all reviewed my […]

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The PTSD Collective Lea Farrow

The Woman I Have Become in the Face of PTSD

People tell me I look happy. And although they don’t see the tears that flow when I am well hidden beneath the steaming shower or behind the heavy bedcovers, I know I still have space for happiness. But it looks nothing like it used to. Happiness is no longer a long-awaited holiday, or an updated […]

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treatment for PTSD therapy for PTSD

22 Treatment and Therapy Options for Managing PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is often a complex and challenging condition to manage. Complex because it can stem from any number of traumatic events, possibly spanning over many years, and can be complicated by other patterns of stress from earlier in life. And challenging because a successful recovery requires from the individual a long-term commitment […]

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You have found me because PTSD has found you

You Have Found Me Because PTSD Has Found You

There was once a time in my life when PTSD were just four innocent letters of the alphabet. Put together, my medical books told me these letters described a condition called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The textbooks explained the nature of psychological injuries. They described the ensuing depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, hypervigilance, and substance abuse. They outlined […]

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trying to predict when husband will have an episode of PTSD breakdown

Desperately Trying to Forecast the Wild Storms of PTSD

Sometimes you can feel the change in the air while the sun still shines. You see the colours shift in the sky, the clouds getting darker, growing heavier. Sometimes you hear the distant low rumbles long before the storm hits. And then, when you see the first flash of lightning, you know that the storm […]

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creating quiet still and calm for people with PTSD anxiety

The Sweet Sound of Silence for Those with PTSD

You might be at the hospital, deep inside its maze of doorways and corridors, sitting in a small windowless room, bribing your unslept and cranky toddler to keep quiet with a crusty red jellybean found swimming around the bottom of your bag, totally missing the irony of trying your best to listen to the audiologist tell you about […]

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if only PTSD was as simple as an intolerance of the cause

No, My Husband Doesn’t Have PTSD, He is Just Ambulance-Intolerant

It has been a pleasant distraction this week, after five years of supporting my husband in his hazy world of relentless PTSD, which has no clearly defined approach or guaranteed treatment options, to concentrate instead on a completely different medical problem. My son’s vague set of ongoing health complaints has finally delivered us to the paediatrician this […]

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three candles for PTSD anniversary

The Day We Light Three Candles

August is our month. The month when I try not to notice the date. In two weeks it will be our day to light three candles. One for a paramedic, courageous in the face of a nightmare, who was broken not only by that day, but by so many yesterdays too.

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the real honest facts about PTSD in a family home

The Real Truth About What PTSD Can Look Like in Our Home

It was 22:34 when I arrived home from my evening at book club. My one routine night out, for a welcome few hours of diversion, laughter and friends. It was 22:36 when I realised the house was silent and still. Empty, but for the slumbering children. No sign of the husband I had farewelled earlier in the evening. It […]

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successfully managing stress anxiety worry

How to Deal With a Head Full of Worry

It sure would be nice just to flick a switch and turn this off sometimes. Finally take some of that time out, that people tell me I need, and actually let myself relax. Feel the knot of anxiety in my stomach loosen a little. Do I mean turning off my husband’s PTSD? Clearly that’s not an option. And […]

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how triggers can cause a relapse of PTSD

The Day His PTSD Once Again Broke Free

A letter arrived last week. Official ambulance correspondence. Addressed to my husband, but in my role of anticipating triggers, this was mine to open. From that crisp envelope, I pulled out a commendation letter for my husband. Commendation letters are those sent to unknown paramedics from grateful patients or their family. Heartfelt words expressing their deepest gratitude to the paramedics who […]

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the ongoing ripple effects of trauma and PTSD

Forever Crying Over the Ripples of Trauma

I was alone in the car. I made sure of that before I let the tears flow. Moments like these catch me off-guard, my reaction cannot be predicted. It was an ordinary day, a completely normal Monday, and I’d just driven past the scene of a car accident. It’s always unexpected, really. A siren wails in […]

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